What is the
Vesta® technology ?

VESTA®: Bio-based technology covered by 10 patents

VESTA® means Vegetal Ecological Stable Timber Advantage

Our technology combines a very high wood fibre content, natural mineral salts and pigments and a neutral thermal binder free from heavy metals or phthalates.
This ingenious combination of  vegetal and mineral materials results in an ecomaterial with certified technical performance.

Resistance and stability

The VESTA® is naturally rot-proof and hydrophobic for perfect resistance to bad weather, insects and fungi. Its great dimensional stability avoids any risk of deformation.

Shades that stand the test of time

Mass dyed using mineral pigments, VESTA® doesn’t become grey. After a few weeks of uniform weathering, the colour stabilises and no longer changes over time, guaranteeing a long-lasting and harmonious appearance.

Maintenance free

After installation, our materials are maintenance free: no need for cleaning or subsequent chemical treatments (varnish, stain, insecticide).

High wood fibre content, very low surface porosity and low moisture absorption.

Quick installation

The installation system of our solutions has been specially designed for a quick and easy set-up.

Bio-based label

Our eco-material VESTA® has been labelled “bio-based product” by Karibati, an independent organisation expert in bio-based materials. Approval N°14/06/21/38.

100% recyclable

The materials in VESTA® are 100% recyclable.
They can be ground down again and reused to manufacture new equally high-performance products.