What is the
Vesta® technology ?

VESTA® (Vegetal Ecological Stable Timber Advantage) is the first eco-material we have created.

VESTA® combines the naturalness of wood with the resistance of mineral. It contains an exceptional high level of reinforced wood fibres.


We collect additive-free sawmill cut-offs (no tree cutting). Thanks to a thermal transformation, the wood becomes rot-proof and waterproof. The resistance is strengthened by adding mineral pigments allowing ultra-stable colours, optimal UV resistance. All other components – binding agent and technical reinforcement – are virgin and assure a healthy and perfectly traceable material, without any solvents or adhesives.


We work exclusively with sawmill residues from sustainably managed European forests. These are located within a maximum radius of 400 km, encouraging short shipping distances and generating a low carbon footprint while controlling our full supply chain.

High resistance

The eco-material VESTA® has technical reinforcement at its core, giving it strong resistance to:

  • mould and urban pollutions in order to avoid depigmentation, stain or surface blackening ;
  • parasites and insects ;
  • UV rays for a rare colour stability.

Its mechanical characteristics combining lightness, flexibility and solidity allow Neolife® to design solutions with performances that meet the high standards of fire resistance, impacts, wind and earthquakes.

In spite of the high wood content, the eco-material VESTA® has a very low porosity and reduces water absorption.

Easy maintenance

Hydrophobic and rot-proof, the solutions don’t need any wood protective treatment (oil, wood stain, saturators) against mould and insects.
Scratches and graffiti have less impact on a material which is dyed throughout.
Special cleaning products and a simple brass brush are enough to manage these kinds of problems.

Ecology and sustainability

The VESTA® eco-material guarantees a high added value in terms of ecology. Our full product range  – cladding, decking, sunscreens – is 100% recyclable.

Unique aesthetics

Neolife® develops sustainable, high design and innovative building solutions.
The striated surface allows a combed surface revealing the wood fibre and a structured and harmonious finish which sublimes the light with a change in intensity throughout the day according to its exposure.

The material is dyed throughout thanks to high density mineral pigments which gives a great depth to each colour.


Neolife® uses a unique raw material for its wide range of products to ensure a perfect coherence between matter, colour and ageing. Cladding, sunscreens and decking solutions are perfectly coordinated to match facades with landscapes.