Neolife®, Eco-materials
for sustainable spaces

Neolife® is a French company established in 2012, which produces sustainable and eco-friendly materials for a wide range of building and landscaping solutions.

Innovative and sustainable building solutions

Neolife cladding, sunscreens and decking are made for building professionals concerned about constructing sustainable living and working spaces, eco-friendly housing or landscaping.

Neolife® is part of a completely new building philosophy with three main values:

  • Sustainable development, with eco-friendly materials
  • Innovation of solutions for tomorrow’s construction
  • Humanity, because everybody should have access to a comfortable, secure, sustainable and healthy accomodation

Our production is 100% made in France with 3 production plants, encouraging short shipping distances, while controlling our full supply chain.

A unique technology made in France

Our strength lies within our VESTA technology (Vegetal, Ecological, Stable, Timber, Advantage). It combines the natural stability of wood and the resistance of the stone.

Thanks to this technology, all our products contain an amazing wood fibre rate from sustainably managed European forests with a low carbon footprint.

With more than 650 000 sqm of products installed, our cladding and decking solutions are rated with high fire classification and are certified by the French building office (CSTB) complying with EU standards.

Furthermore, we optimize our solutions with fixing accessories, finishing sills and multi-function panels.

Precisely adjusted, our solutions match both global project and details, whatever the framework used (wood or metal).   

Sustainability is our top priority

The brainchild of building-site professionals, Neolife® enables architects, landscapists, design offices and building technicians to meet environmental specification packages for HQE (France), BREEAM and LEED projects for individual and multi-unit housing, commercial buildings and urban spaces.

We do our best to follow all our projects, from design to installation. Our design department will help you to optimize and control your project.

Presence in : France, Belgium, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Germany.

Following this philosophy, Neolife wishes to become the leader of eco-friendly materials in Europe.



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    Production plants in France

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The team

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We are a passionate team concerned about having a share in the development of sustainable construction materials for the future. On an every day basis our Team is highly involved in this adventure with its human values in order to offer you the best possible product performance.

Chrystelle Fernandez

Sales Manager Auvergne Rhône-Alpes - France

+33 (0)6 88 41 18 42

Yannick Thual

Sales Manager West - France

+33 (0)7 86 29 27 29

Isabelle Dufraigne

Sales Manager Grand Nord - France

+33 (0)6 72 75 96 48

Sophie Fernandes

Sales Manager Île de France - France

+33 (0)6 33 45 35 36

Wiliam Gomez

Sales Representative - PACA & Corsica - France

+33 (0)7 89 45 62 07

Romain Fernandes

International Development Director

+33 (0)7 88 19 80 97

Audrey Habouche

Sales Agent - Grand Est - France

+33 (0)6 07 21 77 72

Rémy Hatchikian

Sales Manager - Nouvelle Aquitaine-Occitanie - France

+33 (0)6 72 75 96 08

Yann Baril

Sales Agent - Drom-Com - Overseas departments and regions of France

T. +262 693 901 116

Clément Ladeuille

Sales Representative - Rhône-Alpes Est - France

+33 (0)6 81 67 02 07


  • Trophée INNOV’R Rhône-Alpes

  • COVER : Elected product of the year 2017 by French building industry

  • New office building more than 5000 sqm - Linux (Architect : SOHO, Contractor : DCB International) – Decking DECK 30 Ocean

  • KTR France : International winner of “Sustainable Refurbishment prize” (Architect : Diagonale Concept) – Cladding CLAD 4 Nigh

  • SMART : Elected product of the year 2019 by French building industry

  • Decking DECK Winner Pool Eco-Attitude

  • Cladding range certified QB15 by CSTB

  • Project EDEN - Alpes – Deux Savoies winner (Architect : Sud Architectes)