How are made your products?

All our products are made with our eco-material VESTA ® (Vegetal Ecological Stable Timber Advantage) combining the natural stability of wood and the resistance of mineral. It contains up to 92% wood fibre.

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Where to find our products?

In order to give you the best advice regarding your project, we prefer selling products direct to professionals. It allow us to offer the most personalized solutions possible for the best quality.
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What are the application areas of our products?

Our goal is to offer coordinated solutions in order to get a perfect harmony on your projects from decking to cladding.
Our building materials have been designed to meet your project expectations on individual housing, offices, retail parks and warehouses, logistics sites, collective housing, public establishments. Get inspired.

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Do you have any cladding/decking installer?

According to your location, we can put you in touch with one of our sales representative in order to recommedn you a high quality cladding/decking installer.

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What are your fire classification for your cladding solutions?

Our cladding range allow us to match with several fire classifications:

  • COVER 6 & 14*: Euroclass B-s3;d0
  • SMART: Euroclass C-s3;d0
  • CLAD 4 & 14: Euroclass E

* Fire classification Euroclass C-s3;d0 for COVER 14 cladding for vertical installation on wooden framework

How to find your technical documentation?

We are happy to provide you with downloads of our current operating documents. You can find them on each product page. If however you are unable to find an answer to your question, please contact us.

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What are your prices?

To be able to offer the optimal solutions to your projects, we invite you to contact us.

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Building site cleaning:

Depending on the boards dirt after implementation (presence of mud, dust, etc…), especially in the grooves, rain stains can appear on the surface.
NEOLIFE strongly recommend to clean the boards after implementation with a pressure washer, following the boards’ orientation (distance of min. 20cm from the board, DO NOT USE a rotary nozzle).


Do not forget to clean the window shelves as well avoiding so any risk of dust stains on the cladding after the first rain (windows are frequently dusty during construction) .
All metal joineries (windows, parapet capping, etc…) have to have a drip-edge flashing in order to limit the water runoff on the cladding. Shop signs or any other elements installed on the cladding have to be moved forward (space left between cladding and the element) to avoid any stains.


If any operation involving the use of asphalt or concrete occurs after facade completion, NEOLIFE recommend to protect the cladding with a plastic cover in order to avoid stains.
Indeed, if not protected, a greasy steam can spread on the surface and in the grooves. In that case, a grease-removing product will be needed to clean the boards and all the surrounding elements.


Do you have any more questions?

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