Cladding Clad

Coordinated solutions for your project!

Cladding CLAD

The resistant and eco-friendly cladding

  • M4 - Eurclasse E


  • Accredited by the French building office (CSTB) complies with EU standards
  • Made from VESTA®, sustainable eco-friendly material 100% recyclable
  • Unique composition with a very high wood fibre content
  • Impact, wind and seismic ratings: maximum
  • Hydrophobic and rot-proof, the solutions don’t need any wood protective treatment (oil, wood stain, saturators) against mould and insects.
  • Stability to UVs: stabilisation on the mineral pigment’s colour, the material is dyed throughout thanks to high density mineral pigments which gives a great depth to each colour.
  • Combination of the 2 shapes possible (CLAD 4 and CLAD 14 cm)
  • Wide boards of 1 sqm for a fast implementation

Fire classification

CLAD 4 / 14  : Euroclasse E

Certified QB15 by the French building office (CSTB)

Fixing system

Very discrete fastening, with tinted head screws in the grooves

  • Clad 4

  • Clad 14


  • Length

    200, 250, 300, 350 or 400 cm

  • Width

    30 cm

  • Thickness

    2,85 cm

Types of projects

Offices, Logistics center, Individual houses, Leisure houses, Store room


  • Aluminium corner profile – Tainted with the coordinated RAL
  • A2 stainless steel Wood & Alu screw, tinted head with the coordinated RAL
  • Bi-metal stainless steel screw – tinted head with the coordinated RAL
  • Earth

    *RAL 8019

  • Heat

    *RAL 8017

  • Night

    *RAL 9004

  • Ocean

    *RAL 7046

  • Sand

    *RAL 1019

  • Sun

    *RAL 1011

  • Graphite

    *RAL 7016

7 natural colours

All NEOLIFE building materials are coordinated thanks to their natural colors.

Colour kit