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Boards for screenings, shutters and balcony dividers

  • M2
  • M1 - on demand
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  • Made from VESTA®, sustainable eco-friendly material 100% recyclable
  • Unique composition with a very high wood fibre content
  • Hydrophobic and rot-proof, the solutions don’t need any wood protective treatment (oil, wood stain, saturators) against mould and insects.
  • Stability to UVs: stabilisation on the mineral pigment’s colour, the material is dyed throughout thanks to high density mineral pigments which gives a great depth to each colour
  • Double-sided 14cm wide boards

Types of projects

Sliding shutters, Trellised panel, Balcony dividers, Store room, Bicycle garage, Plant room

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  • Length

    300 cm

  • Width

    14 cm

  • Thickness

    2 cm

  • Earth

    *RAL 8019

  • Heat

    *RAL 8017

  • Night

    *RAL 9004

  • Ocean

    *RAL 7046

  • Sand

    *RAL 1019

  • Sun

    *RAL 1011

  • Graphite

    *RAL 7016

7 natural colours

The entire range is dyed throughout with high UV-resistant mineral pigments to give each color a beautiful and unique depth.


Once the boards have reached their final destination on the structure, the wood fibers will naturally tan and then lighten. Depending on the exposure and weather conditions, the initial color of the mineral pigments will stabilize and the boards will take on a nuanced and harmonious patina. Our range of products can be coordinated for a perfect harmonious result.

Colour kit